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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Weelie in Lahore

Documentary about boys doing wheelie in Lahore, Pakistan. Thrilling but dangerous. The BIG Question is … Is it really worth it??!!

Need for speed is a world wide dream but in Pakistan it is lived on skeleton cheap bikes, no helmets, no safety gear or laws around it. You will see police trying to hit the bikers with sticks they just broke from the tree at the roadside. It is witnessed on the streets of Lahore everyday especially on Sunday mornings. I remember when I was in Lahore , my friends told me about this flourishing trend but fortunately I never got an oppertunity to hang out with these so called "cool" guys. Yes, that guy is right-one having a dip in the canal, it is not worth dying on one wheel.
I have not witnessed anything like this on the roads of BC, where I am now even there are road race incidents here and there but they are mostly on cars. One has better chance of survival on cars. As far as I know, one can be fined($21-$100) if caught not wearing a helmet even while riding the bicycle. Riding the motor bike without a helmet is out of question.
Everyone knows that "just concentrate on your studies" rant will not work with these guys when their dream is clearly to get all the attention they can. Some times I think why Pakistani youngesters did not get into skateboards or snowboards but then I had a divine intervension that we just got good roads in Lahore recently. Oh yes, snow is pretty hard to reach in Pakistan too. Perhaps providing a motor cross arena or something for these guys may work. Why not ? They will not only be able to hold their bikes on one wheel, they could jump and fly and do anything that want. Hey if you are into wheelies and reading/watching this .. collect some money with some friends, make a dusty, rusty track far from the city where you can enjoy your perverted dream. I am serious. It will be blessing to many families who have not lost their young sons wheeling and best of all - you would die doing something worthy than on a single wheel.
This sport is not dead in Lahore and I do not think so it would ever be but it must have taken the lives of many like this guy in the video. It is totally not worth it. Watch out.